As soon as you embark on your boating adventure, the excitement mounts as you take to the water on a summertime cruise! However, it can be difficult to predict when a tragedy may happen while boating, and this could be a big problem on the lake. Missouri is a state that offers an abundance of great recreational boating areas, and now is a fantastic time to get out on the water. 

Here at Alexander Insurance, we understand that providing protection for you while on the water is a very important responsibility, and we have selected the brands we feel provide thorough, well-planned, and very comprehensive boat insurance. 

Progressive has been providing boat insurance for decades and has consistently been recognized as one of the industry’s prominent leaders. Many of our customers have been pleased with their water sports injury coverage, as it can always be hard to know when an accident may occur during the jet ski or tubing session. 

Offering discounts are providers’ way of making things easy on the customer and cutting costs that ultimately relieve day-to-day budget pressures. Progressive has several great ways for you to save when choosing them as your coverage provider for an exciting day at the lake. 

  • The Advanced Quote Discount: This is a means of extending gratitude towards those who sign up for coverage a full day before the policy goes into effect.
  • Multiple Policy Discounts: As many class-leading providers do, Progressive provides discounts for you if they are also your choice for other coverage options such as motorcycle or homeowners insurance.
  • Original Owner Discounts: While Progressive is very understanding of the fact that boats change hands many times if you are the original owner of your vessel, that will offer you a savings perk. 
  • Prompt Payment Discount: Whether it’s through auto-pay or your own due diligence, you will enjoy an automatic discount for always being on time.
  • Pay-in-Full Discount: If you are willing to pay for the entire year’s policy at once, you will be rewarded with a discount. 
  • Transfer Discount: Progressive offers healthy discounts for choosing them to be your provider and transferring your policy over from a competitor. 

If you practice safe boating, you can also see a discount of 25% for each period you don’t have any claims, which is an awesome incentive to watch your speed and senses just like you would while driving on land!

Nationwide Offers a great variety of industry-leading policies that cover you while enjoying the water, and ease your mind while you cast your favorite pole into the water. They provide unique incentives for the marine lover and cater to boaters of many different kinds such as these:

  • Overnighters: If you don’t plan to spend that long on the water, you’ll still be covered in confidence with up to $2,500 for fishing equipment, $500 in case you need a tow, and $3,000 for personal items.
  • Weekend Enthusiasts: If you enjoy your time out on the water quickly and clear your gear right away, Nationwide offers a unique package for you that includes up to $1,000 for your rods and reels, $3,000 for personal items, and $500 in the event a tow is needed.
  • Light Tackle Anglers: This form of coverage is optimal for the crew of fishing enthusiasts who go out frequently but don’t own an incredibly large craft, and will offer peace of mind with up to $5,000 for fishing equipment, $2,000 for personal belongings, and $2,500 for heavy-duty towing if needed.
  • Deep Water Pros: If you want to take a well-deserved vacation and venture where the deep waters are, this form of coverage is appropriate for someone along the gulf who is a pro at chasing Marlin and other seawater conquests! It will provide up to $10,000 for your fishing gear, $5,000 for personal belongings, and $2,500 for a tow if you become stranded. 

As we have helped so many customers over the years here at Alexander Insurance, our best recommendation for discounts through Nationwide is by bundling your boat policy with their other available offerings.

Foremost Insurance Group is well-known for being there when you need them most after physical damage to your craft. If someone who is “treading the waters” without insurance coverage and they are involved in an accident with you, they offer uninsured watercraft coverage on par with what automobile providers bring to the table. 

Here are some of the different ways Foremost can help you stay afloat in style while you are enjoying your favorite pastime!

  • The Saver Package is great for boaters on a budget, and will still provide cash value settlements if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a total loss.
  • The Plus Package includes all of the basic coverage plus agreed value/total loss replacement cost settlement, depreciation deferral, and haul-out duties in the event of a hurricane. 
  • Pontoon and Pontoon Elite Packages are ideal for many boaters right here in the Ozarks, who use this unique form of vessel for daily travel and weekend recreation. 

With so many options to choose from when it comes to boating insurance it really is difficult to not find the right policy. With the help of Alexander Insurance we make it easy!