Risk, Reputation, & Protective Resources: General Liability Vs. Professional Liability Insurance

Small businesses face numerous challenges and potential legal issues daily, from negligence claims to accidental injuries. General liability and professional liability insurance offer essential protection against these risks. Learn how these policies can safeguard your business, covering everything from property damage and advertising injuries to professional mistakes and reputational harm. Discover what these insurances cover, their costs, and which businesses need them. Secure your small business with the right insurance plan from the Alexander Insurance Agency of St. Charles.


Shielding & Steering Towards House + Highway Harmony: Best Home and Auto Insurance in 2024

Get expert tips on navigating insurance with Alexander Insurance. Whether you’re new to insurance or an expert, our guide covers bundling costs, policy details, and ways to save. We’ll help you find the perfect coverage for your needs, whether you’re buying a new home, car, or celebrating a milestone. Simplify your insurance journey with our comprehensive 2024 guide and find peace of mind.