As we are prepping for the holiday season here at Alexander Insurance, we know about the many elements we could be encountering soon. From torrential rain and high winds to long-lasting drifts of snow, your treasured home can endure many tough calamities that are hard to take care of in a pinch. Luckily, your foundation is built to hold up under severe doses of mother nature’s wrath. However, it can still suffer damage in many ways.

In some instances, coats of paint that you thought would be durable may peel after heavy rains, and snow that seeps into cracks will damage the paint and lift even the final coat. Your foundation can suffer cracks and leaks as well. Dreaded mold can begin to form if conditions are favorable in the attic, and homeowners’ insurance can be a great help if your home experiences damage from any of these elements.

While you may be handy enough to repair some of these issues on your own, here are a few instances when a claim will be of great assistance to you during a stressful time.

Damage to Your House from Fallen Trees

Having your home surrounded by gorgeous trees can be the ultimate example of a double-edged sword. They add so much scenic value and shade for both residents and guests to enjoy, but harsh elements can render them to form a quite dangerous hazard. If a tree does happen to fall on your property, your policy will most likely kick in and cover extensive removal and cleanup efforts. 

Taking the time to sit down with us and review your policy is essential to make sure that you’re prepared for the winter, especially in states such as Missouri that can change drastically from day-to-day. Most insurance carriers can shell out up to $1,000 for the removal of a fallen tree. To prevent this accident from happening in the first place, you could inspect the trees on your property by taking a good look at their structure to find out if they are experiencing illness in any form. If you determine that this is the case, take accurate pictures and try to remove them before the nasty weather hits.

The Peril and Eventual Destruction From Ice Dams

Taking up residence in the Show-Me State offers A-list activities such as watching the Cardinals during the playoffs or enjoying the open space and recreational fun at the scenic lakes of the Ozarks. But eventually, many trees, lawns, autos, and homes will be covered in a white blanket that carries various risks. If a blizzard happens to lock you in, a dangerous ice dam can form on your roof, which can also wreak havoc on your gutters. 

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by keeping your gutters clean. Your homeowners insurance policy will cover the damage to ice dams, but your coverage limits play a huge factor during this process. Your homeowners insurance policy may also be able to provide assistance with damage to the ceiling, roof, or walls resulting from ice dams. You can contact us here to find out more about what your policy will aid you with in times of need.

The Inconvenient Burden of Bursting Pipes

Without the luxury of running water in your house, simple tasks such as dishes and bathing become very difficult. During the winter months here in Missouri, water pipes can freeze and expand and sometimes unfortunately burst. The first sign that this has happened is that you will not have any running water, and most lines will break in areas that are not properly heated such as your garage or basement. One great way to make sure you’re covered is to have a plumber stop by before the cold season to inspect every line before the temperatures begin to drop.

In many instances, landlords endure a difficult time if the furnace goes out during the dead of winter. When this happens, a new unit may need to be replaced within a day to prevent this extensive damage from happening. Colder spaces like attics can benefit from upgrades to insulation along with proper insulation during construction. Homeowners policies do cover water pipers, but you may not be fully protected if you have failed to do everything you can to prepare your home.

The Peace and Comfort of Confidently Assessing Risk

Along with cold weather comes the joy of spending the holidays with your family, and this is not a time that you want to be interrupted by freezing and leaking! Here at Alexander Insurance, we have been preparing businesses and families to quickly protect themselves and recover from the elements under any circumstances. We will take time with you to make sure that you are protected under the kind of coverage that works best for you and adheres to the unique elements of your dwelling.


If you have already taken steps to set your business up as a limited liability entity, it may feel like most of the necessary legwork is done. You have separated your personal assets from your business profits, so some may think that the extra step of LLC insurance may not be necessary.

What is LLC Small Business Insurance?

LLC small business insurance refers to coverage that is specifically drafted to protect your various assets. Coverage is provided for damage after accidents on your property and injuries that are caused to others. It’s best to pick the coverage that suits your unique needs: if you are running a food service with a small fleet of cars, a commercial auto policy would be ideal. 

Which Aspects of my Venture are Covered by LLC Small Business Insurance?

Offering compensation for financial losses is the main objective here, as the money a business brings in daily or monthly is essential for survival. There are a few different types of small business insurance that we can assist you with here at Alexander Insurance.

Business Owners Policy for LLCs 

A business owners policy is a bundled insurance package tailored for small businesses. These are excellent options for LLCs because they cover a wide variety of risks you will encounter. Business owner policies are usually bundled conveniently with one of these three policy types:

  • General Liability Insurance provides the necessary coverage for accidental injuries and any property damage to others. You won’t have to worry about legal costs, invasive settlements, and judgments if anyone takes legal action against you. This type of coverage is useful for property owners, as so many things can happen when individuals reside or do business at your operation site every day.
  • Commercial Property Insurance will cover damages to your property. This could include the desks and furniture inside, your sales inventory, and forklifts or snowplows. During 2022 there was a massive spike in fires nationwide, as dry weather threatened homes and businesses in entire states for days on end.
  • Business Interruption Insurance allows you to keep operating if you must temporarily shut down. Rent for a makeshift location, necessary salaries due, and other incidentals will be taken care of with this coverage. 
  • Commercial Auto Insurance is ideal if vehicles are used constantly for work-related tasks and is a must in many situations. The obvious scenarios are grocery delivery and ventures such as Uber, but other businesses such as contractors and stocking crews are changing locations throughout the day and constantly on the go as well.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance is required in most states the moment you obtain a non-1099 contractor employee on a W2. This can help you cover costs such as pertinent medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that you encounter after sudden workplace injuries. The last two years have also brought about a grave concern for mass illness protection, most often provided with this type of coverage.
  • Professional Liability Insurance is also commonly known as errors and omissions insurance and is crucial for any LLC that provides consulting, financial, and counseling services. Professional mistakes are made even with the best of intentions, and professional liability insurance will pay for items such as a replacement or materials needed for a job not quite completed up to par.
  • Product Liability Insurance is a good idea if your LLC is involved in the manufacturing, creation, or distribution of any type of tangible good. This will aid you if litigation occurs if your patented or vended goods cause injury to anyone or damage to property. 

Is all This Extra Coverage Really Necessary?

There are many situations where LLC small business insurance is a more pressing need. Contracting, manufacturing, and agriculture all have a factor of risk that is unavoidably perilous with the general public’s penchant for litigation. Even if your business has a bit lower risk such as bookkeeping or freelance writing, it’s a good idea in case anyone decides to target you for a frivolous lawsuit. It’s not always character defamation that is on the table, as anything delving into the depths of either political party can raise eyebrows in a hurry. 

Many businesses can operate smoothly and profitably for quite some time without suffering a lawsuit, but if you are, the retainers for defense attorneys can be crippling. If you do not have the funds on hand to quickly replace expensive equipment or come out on top in court, the peace of mind that coverage will give you is worth the monthly premium. Some of the factors that decide how much your insurance will cost are your deductible amount, your claims history, the amount of coverage you purchase, and the number of employees on your payroll.

How do I get the Process Started?

You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of small business insurance after completing just a few simple steps:

  • Estimate Just How Much Coverage is Needed: A business owners policy is an excellent starting point to assure that you are covered protectively and functionally. After you feel that you have a solid foundation to work with, you can progress to additional coverage as needed. 
  • Compare, Compare, Compare: We wish that your choice ultimately is with us as your provider here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles, but it is necessary to look at all of the options to decide on your ideal fit. Keep in mind that some of the specials run by large corporations have fine print that needs to be adhered to, and “the grass is always greener” rule applies as with many other services.
  • Convenience and Functionality Factors of Bundling: You may have to combine several different coverage types to provide ideal protection for your LLC. You can also enjoy the benefit of a sizeable discount by securing multiple policies from the same provider. As this process allows you to make one simple phone call for multiple types of occurrences, it also poses the sensible benefit of a building sense of trust and familiarity with the experts looking out for you.
  • The Wise Choice of Cutting Down Your LLC’s Risk Factor: There are many creative ways to discount your business insurance cost and taking steps to make things safer at your work site comes highly recommended. Steps such as installing security alarms are a great start but going deeper and addressing your exposure to cybercrime helps too. Policies such as developing an inclusive employee handbook also display to your insurance provider that you can improve your chances of not suffering a breach of any type. Once you can streamline safety and security, the chances of you needing to file numerous claims go down significantly.

Choosing to go into business for yourself can be one of the most rewarding endeavors you will ever set out to accomplish! Feeling unprepared when storms of various types can affect you is an uneasy and nerve-wracking element to go through, and we are standing by to assist you with your LLC business insurance needs. Long-lasting partnerships and annual reports on your behalf that are positive are the type of satisfaction we aim to provide while seeing you through the moments that reward your perseverance and thorough preparation.


As you are faced with the task of making the important decisions for protecting your small business, it could seem appealing to alleviate larger costs by not purchasing full coverage. If you choose to run your business with a “bare bones” form of policy, one accident could, unfortunately, result in the demise of your dreams. With so many forms of business insurance available, it can be challenging to know which kind will best meet your needs.

The Basics of Small Business Insurance Coverage:

When various accidents unexpectedly happen, you are going to want the peace of mind that having your business protected from severe financial loss during a disaster can offer you. When it comes to business insurance there is sometimes not just one fitting solution, that’s the type of policy that will work for you depending on your company’s unique characteristics. Business insurance will help you with legal payments, multiple claims, property destruction, as well as many various issues regarding employees.

This type of coverage will also benefit you regarding important legal protection, and assist with employee injury, fire damage, help for lawsuits, or the death of a vital business partner. The insurance itself signifies a binding agreement between you and us here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles to intervene and pay for losses you incur. To properly select the type, you need to closely analyze what type of risks you are facing, and look at what your policy will cost you vs the loss you stand to incur.

What Elements of My Business are Protected with This Coverage?

Here are some of the common aspects of a business that insurance will provide you with:

  • Lives of your principals
  • Lives of vital employees
  • Long and short-term disability of owners and employees
  • Serious liability for injury of you and your employees
  • Property and casualty coverage for buildings and equipment needed to function
  • Liability for and damage to your business vehicles
  • Workers’ compensation: earnings of employees lost after injuries

Examples of Different Types of Business Insurance:

Here are some of the most common types of business insurance that will protect and secure your life’s aspirations and very hard work:

  • Business Owners Policy: this type of policy is usually a comprehensive bundling of general liability coverage and insurance for your property. You are also able to add in employment practices liability insurance policy that is a very wise choice for the protection and livelihood of your employees.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: This is also commonly known as business income insurance and is one of the most frequently purchased categories of coverage. It assists with lost income along with pay function expenses if you need to close due to a disaster. You’ll be thankfully able to cover your lot rent, mortgage, payroll expenses, loan payments, and quarterly taxes, and this very useful coverage can often be bundled with your Business Owners Policy.
  • Management Liability Insurance: This is another type of comprehensive insurance package that actively combines coverage such as employment practices liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, and fiduciary liability. In most cases, this is an essential form of coverage if you incorporate a board of directors or have even one single employee.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: If you deal with the unfortunate event of an employee getting injured on the clock, Workers’ comp will assist you by covering their medical costs or lost wages. Plus disability insurance is most likely legally required of you to carry.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance are ideal for those who offer advice, consulting, and their own unique breed of professional service. This coverage will protect you if a customer or client claims that choosing you caused them distress in their own professional or personal life. Financial advisors and real estate agents can benefit greatly from this type of policy.
  • Product Liability Insurance is there to protect you against claims that your product caused damage in any way. If you work at any level with a product that is at any point in the supply chain, you need this type of coverage to remain safe. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, online sellers, suppliers, and importers can be held liable in a claim if the final product causes any bodily harm or other risks. Even if you have strict testing and protocol in place for quality control, unexpected events can still happen.
  • Auto Insurance: If you or your employees use vehicles at all during business, you’ll need to carry some form of coverage. The need for commercial auto insurance depends on what kind of vehicles you use: are they trucks, vans, or sedan-style models? The need for this type of coverage is a good reason to designate just one driver for smaller and growing businesses.

Tips for Deciding on the Business Insurance That is Right for You:

The insurance that will help you the most overtime will depend on your unique needs, as well as Missouri and other industry-specific laws. When you sit down with us to see which type of coverage would work best for you, we will look at the many different things that could happen along the course of a year’s operations and figure out the best plan for you. Here are some general steps to follow during this process:

Take Inventory of Your Assets and Your Responsibilities:

This is the initial step that helps you determine which type of insurance is going to be an ideal fit for your business. Many industries such as framing and construction are a bit more dangerous than office professions and may come along with the need for specific forms of coverage. Operating your business in a flood zone is another area of grave liability that needs to be closely assessed at every step. Many industries are susceptible to theft, while others may have a very clear need for errors and omissions insurance.

Taking Regular and Reasonable Inventory of Risk:

Carefully considering what your risk and liability will be is a huge help in determining which insurance will be the right fit for your business. Geographical and economic factors are both at play here, and many natural disasters can occur during the winter and early spring months. Succession planning is the task of allocating tasks and resources when any vital employee of the business is deceased and requires expert help to set up efficiently.

Looking at Your Interest’s Desired Level of Comprehension:

Depending on what type of business you need to insure, you may require a standard level of comprehensive insurance that will cover every single component of a loss that could occur. Then you must factor in how costly said loss will be and think about how likely it is to happen. Going over these results will prevent you from paying an exorbitant amount for unnecessary coverage, or not provide enough coverage for areas that are imperative by state or county law.

Finish by Selecting Your Provider:

Not every provider is the same, and many variables arise while you are finding your ideal coverage limits and types. It is best to pick a few that you see standing out in the form of consumer reviews, general reputation, and cost. Word of mouth can sometimes be an extremely helpful means of finding your right provider, as individuals who have filed claims and dealt with any insurance company’s pros and cons will be an excellent source of validated and resourceful experience.

We treat small business owners just like family here at the Alexander Insurance Agency and know that you want to feel as fully protected as possible each time you start up the registers, approach the loading dock, or go over your inventory. Contact us today to see what your options are for coverage, and start the process of knowing you have year-long reassurance and a superior safety net for the fruits of your lifelong endeavor!


Many people and businesses nationwide have been realizing that they are spending too much money on their insurance premiums. One of the best ways to lower your costs is to seek out the assistance and class-leading coverage you can get from an independent insurance agent. There are many great reasons to use an independent agent instead of a huge nationwide entity to provide your home or business coverage. 

An independent agent is much more than just a salesperson! It takes a large amount of knowledge to match you with the right auto, life, or home business policy, and there are a few different kinds of insurance agents you can choose. Captive Agents sell policies from a single insurance company, and independent agents can offer a larger variety of quotes to have a thoroughly customized way to assist you. 

Here are some of the benefits of using an Independent Insurance Agent:

1. The Benefits of Locally Sourced Expertise: National insurance companies sometimes encounter difficulty when they are focusing on your city. Local independent agents can offer the perk of knowing the ins and outs of your neighborhood and having built relationships with the business owners there for years. A high level of involvement in the community is a great help when it comes to managing risk and allows customers to see that the agent truly has the feel for their area.

2. An Appealing Selection of Viable Options for Coverage: In all the advertisements that you see for insurance, many companies claim to be the least expensive in the business. Since there are so many different factors that your premium is based on, this blanket claim can sometimes be a bit inflated, as there may be factors such as age, marital status, business type, and zip code that all influence your final cost. One of the advantages of using an independent agency such as Alexander Insurance is the time we spend assuring that we are providing you the coverage that works best for you at the most reasonable price. 

3. Allocated Strength in the Strongest Form of Advocacy: Even though an independent insurance agent works for numerous insurance agencies, they have a keen sense of keeping the customer #1 and knowing what’s in your best interest. If they analyze your lifestyle and see that a certain brand may not be the ideal fit, they can find the right one for you. 

If one of their preferred carriers chooses to drop you due to an aging dwelling or physical location, they will have you set up and ready to go with another provider before you even realize there’s an issue. In some instances, the brands you have never heard of provided by independent carriers may be the most hassle-free and situationally functional for your situation. 

4. The Beneficial Wisdom of Well-Curated Advice: Independent agents are in a good position to give you their opinions on what will work best for your situation. Since independent agencies have more than one carrier to keep up with, they know the ropes of how each one works when it comes to claims and other pertinent issues. If you have problems contacting your carrier for an important issue, an independent agent will probably not have as long a hold time as a national agency. 

5. Heightened Performance With a Personal Touch: Local independent insurance agents are a trusted choice for many households because they can assure that the coverage you are getting is specifically tailored to your home and business life. They will be able to suggest alterations to your plan and other changes that will make your life easier. When you feel as if you are doing business with someone that knows you on a personal level, it does not feel daunting to stop in personally to follow through with a request. 

When life gives you a fully loaded schedule and hectic hours, it is always great to know that you have service from an agent who has a deep understanding of your geographic area and how “being you” imposes various demands on your insurance needs. Here at Alexander Insurance, we keep up on trending issues, always are looking out for your best interest, and are delighted to take on the responsibility of managing this vital component of your livelihood. We are eager to speak with you to ensure that your auto, home, and other policies are properly implemented for your family’s well-being and success.


After the stress of a car crash, you may benefit from a form of compensation. This may come to you from the company that provides you coverage, or the one that is covering the driver “in the wrong.” One of the most important questions to ask yourself is how long after an accident you should wait to file a claim.

How Much Time is There to Feasibly File?

In most states, covering insurance companies can set the ground rules for the timeline. Many companies do not have it clearly outlined, but simply require “prompt filing” after the event. This is important, because if you delay for too long, the insurer may be able to deny the claim. Some states such as New York have no-fault rules in place that mandate compensation to be obtained for smaller-scale accidents no matter who was at fault. 

In our state of Missouri, you have a generous period to work with, as a five-year statute is in place to file a compensation claim. Once too much time has passed, some evidence can be difficult to locate. Memories may be hard to stir, and details become difficult to dig up. If the statute of limitations has passed, your entire claim will be time-barred, and not allowed to proceed.

Benefits of Getting the Ball Rolling:

Even if you have determined that you have ample time to file your claim in detail, there are some important benefits to pursuing a claim immediately:

  • Evidence is easier to obtain
  • The memories of all parties will be fresh
  • Details that make a difference regarding the accident will be easier to uncover
  • Damages suffered by any party won’t be difficult to prove

Knowing With Whom to File Your Claim:

To make sure that your claim is filed within a reasonable time, it is necessary to know exactly who you pursue the claim against. This answer stems from where your geographical location is, and which party is ultimately responsible for the action in question. The insurance company providing you coverage is a necessary contact if the collision was your fault, especially if there are medical bills or vehicle damages that need compensation. 

If the accident is another driver’s fault, it’s time to make a third-party claim against their provider. You can recover compensation for your car’s damage, medical attention, lost wages from your job, pain and suffering, and even intense levels of emotional distress. If the one who caused the accident was driving illegally without insurance, the claim can fall upon your own insurer under the uninsured motorist provisions of your coverage.

One of the most important things that we tell those seeking coverage here at Alexander Insurance is that Missouri IS a “fault state,” where the driver who caused the accident’s insurance company will pay for assistance and recovery for all involved parties. 

What Steps Do I Take To File My Claim?

  • Make sure to ask us at Alexander Insurance how long you have to file to avoid delay.
  • Contact us and the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage immediately to assure that you know exactly where everyone stands.
  • Since Missouri is a fault state, we can pursue compensation from the driver’s insurance company as soon as you begin the process.
  • It is very important to make sure that you have a police report, witness statements and other evidence delivered to the insurer, and any other evidence from bystanders at the scene.
  • Make sure you talk to an insurance adjuster that spends their time determining how much damage was done. They will reach out to you to learn more about the incident and can inspect your vehicle along with the details of any medical assistance needed.
  • When the findings of the adjuster’s report return, you will receive a settlement offer which you and your family can determine is acceptable or not.

If you have just been in an accident, we understand that it is an uncertain, stressful, and time-consuming event that can leave you a bit frustrated and not knowing where to turn! Here at Alexander Insurance, we have helped many drivers by providing the auto insurance policy that sees them through the post-accident onslaught of responsibilities with ease!


In the busy world of commerce, unforeseen accidents and incidents can occur that put you at immediate risk. At the Alexander Insurance Agency of St. Charles, we have come to learn that no matter how much “good energy” you put into your work, there are harmful individuals who look for opportunities to file legal action. Some so frivolous that it is clear they are just playing a “numbers game”, waiting for a payout at another individual’s expense.

After a longstanding nationwide analysis of these occurrences, the estimate is that the average cost of a legal claim by an employee against a business is around $160,000. This is a heavy hit to absorb for any type of business, but for a much smaller operation, it can result in a bankruptcy or even potentially shutting your doors for good. By taking measures to make sure that your operation or trade has the right commercial liability insurance, you can protect yourself from many risks that all have massive costs in the long run. Today, we’ll look at three examples where not having this protection could have serious implications.

The Potential of Peril for a Sole Proprietor:

Many of the small businesses out there today are run by a single owner/sole proprietor. One of the things you must be aware of is that a sole proprietor can bear a hefty amount of responsibility financially if an accident or incident should arise. Any costs or judgements incurred by sole proprietors have to derive from their monthly income or any of the assets they have already accumulated.

Everything may be running smoothly one day, and then all of the sudden an employee may get injured, say during a contracting job. This could result in legal costs along with other forms of compensation, resulting in an astronomical final cost. If you don’t have commercial liability insurance, you would be forced to come up with the money yourself, very quickly in order to remedy the issue. We can provide a clear snapshot of what your risks are, ideal coverage options for you and direction to secure a productive and safe future for your business.

A Policy Addition Due to Legal Obligation:

Depending on which country your business operates in, it may be a legal requirement to carry business insurance coverage, with commercial liability insurance bearing the brunt of the potential for legal issues. When this is the case, not having coverage is likely to result in fines or other forms of legal action against you since you are not in direct compliance with mandated orders. Other entities that you wish to do business with may want you to have coverage as well, to protect both of your entities as you navigate various transactions and interactions. 

Contacting the experts such as us here at the Alexander Agency is always the best option, because our years of experience have allowed us to see how different types of coverage options protect owners when they encounter legal issues and potentially frivolous individuals that are looking for a payout. If you visit a client’s place of work or any vendor comes to do business at yours, there is always the potential that someone would need medical treatment or have another issue. 

Maintaining All-Important Appearances:

In the current climate, many businesses are held to a standard of making sure you have compatible levels of commercial liability insurance. It is one of the best ways to establish strong credibility with others around you, and send the message that you are a thriving professional operation when it counts most. Making sure you have your bases covered as far as commercial liability insurance is also an ideal way of appearing as a top-notch entity when undergoing the task of generating outside capital.

Like many other types of insurance, commercial liability insurance is based upon a thorough assessment of your total risk, and if your business has passed with claims or is in a precarious field such as transport or underground drilling you may pay higher rates. If you’ve just gone into business, your rates may be based on your credit history and could be a bit higher for just the first few years. We are standing by to help with your business insurance needs here at the Alexander Agency, and assure that no misunderstanding big or small will prevent you from providing for your loved ones with the craft or service you always do best!


All of us here at the Alexander Insurance Agency have noticed a trend toward adopting a furry family member over the past few years! In fact, pet ownership in the U.S. has risen drastically, as people nationwide realize how their mood, outlook and general happiness can improve after adding a pet to the home. The American Pet Association has also shown that around 70% of households added pets to their troupe in 2021, compared with just 67% the year before. 

The report also estimated that owners put forth an expenditure of over $30 billion on products and medical attention for their pets, which was an increase of 3% from the year before. The pandemic also brought about a record number of pet adoptions, as many workers were given the option to work remotely and found it to be the right time to bring a new pet into the home. After this period of growth, many of our customers are now asking us what types of insurance coverage can help with pet ownership.

What Type of Coverage Options are There for Pets?

The pet insurance plans that exist are designed to assist pet owners with the cost of expenses that come up when their pet becomes hurt or ill. Most policies require you as the owner to abide by a reimbursement-based plan and provide you the option of choosing which form of care or specialist to select for their pet’s needs. Here are the predominant categories that this type of coverage falls under:

Accident and Illness:

This is the most common form of pet insurance, and it will cover you for injuries such as bites, eye pain, poisoning, routine sickness, torn ligaments, broken bones, and infection. Many pet owners are satisfied with the fact that it can cover cancer and arthritis, which are more prevalent and detectable now in pets, as well as parasites and ear infections. It is recommended to obtain this coverage during younger years as well, because many providers will put the brakes on extended care for pets as they age, helping you cut down on cost while keeping your loved one healthy and happy.

Accident-Only Coverage:

Some insurers offer accident-only coverage that would aid you in the event of an accident that causes your pet a drastic physical injury.  It can be less expensive than Accident and Illness plans, and is ideal for an animal suffering from a pre-existing condition. Swallowing foreign objects and accidental poisoning are common occurrences covered, but your provider may impose a limit on how many total claims you are allowed coverage for.

Wellness Coverage:

This is a form of coverage that assists with the more routine side of things such as scheduled examinations. Many pet owners have great experiences with this type of coverage because you can get reimbursement for annual exams, spay or neuter procedures, routine blood panels, heartworm testing and treatment, fecal testing, urinalysis, routine vaccinations, teeth cleanings and flea and tick treatments!

What Should I Look for When Purchasing a Plan?

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing the pet insurance policy that will best fit your needs. Some of these are:

  • Deductibles: It’s important to consider how much you must pay before the policy pays out. There are only 2 types of pet insurance deductibles: an annual deductible and a per-condition deductible. If your policy has an annual deductible, you will pay the amount in each policy term. If it is a per-condition deductible, you will pay the amount for each condition or incident. 
  • Reimbursement: It’s also very important to consider the percentage of veterinary expenses that will be covered under your policy. Most commonly, policies offer 70%, 80% or 90% reimbursement options, but there are some insurers that will offer up to 100% reimbursement of veterinary costs.
  • Coverage Cap: The Coverage Cap is the highest amount your pet insurance policy will cover. Most policies have a cap of $5,000, but there are also insurers that offer unlimited coverage. It is important to consider your needs when choosing your policy.

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

Many industry experts agree that pet insurance is well worth the cost. First and foremost, it eases the stress of pet owners who worry about being able to cover an expensive illness or incident. While it is impossible to predict when your pet will become sick or injured, you can protect your finances (and your pet!) with a carefully selected policy that covers large and/or unexpected vet bills. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to turn down treatments and/or care because of not being able to afford the bill.

Just as the cost of healthcare for humans has risen over the last few years, the cost of healthcare for pets is increasing as well! Here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St. Charles, we understand how important it is to protect your entire family – even the four-legged family members! We can assist you with picking the perfect pet insurance policy to suit your needs, so you’ll never have to spend a minute worrying about whether or not your pet will be able to be cared for no matter what may happen.


One of the only things worse than waking up after a restful night to a heaping amount of water damage in your basement, is the process of figuring out how to cover it financially. The past few years have doled out many extra inches of precipitation to unsuspecting areas right here in Missouri and nationwide, causing historic flash flooding, sewer backups, along with many damaged businesses and homes. If you can see or hear water within proximity of your house, you may want to consider a flood insurance policy. 

The Threat of The Next Day’s Aftermath:

Just this summer here in St Louis, many homeowners were hit with massive damage that put them on the phone right away with their respective agents to try and solve the many problems that so much water causes. One of the most common occurrences that we see here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles is people that are not covered under their homeowner’s insurance. When this happens, one cannot help but feel as if there was something they could have done differently. We have also learned that during seasons with intense weather, which seem to be ALL of them in Missouri, it is wise to frequently check your foundation for signs of damage.

Is Flood Insurance Available to Everyone?

The great news is that flood insurance is available to everyone, even if your home is situated on a designated floodplain. It’s not just homes that are prone to problems, as cars can often disappear and be swept away because of the powerful wrath of storms. Most auto insurance policies do cover comprehensive damage, so it is not necessary to have separate coverage in case something happens due to catastrophic weather while your car is parked.

The Specific Flood Insurance Policy for the Home will cover your home and belongings against losses incurred by water damage from flooding. After you purchase a policy, it will outline the basics that you need to know about your plan and tell you what’s covered, how much your monthly premiums are, and the amount of your deductible. The very traditional NFIP plan will cover up to $250,000 for building property damage and up to $100,000 for damage to your valuables, such as jewelry and electronics. 

What is not Covered Under Flood Insurance?

One of the most important rules to remember is that flood insurance will only cover WATER damage that is caused by flooding. If a pipe bursts or a sewer backs up, these events are not included in flood insurance policies. It is also important to note that while some elements of your property hold a high amount of value, they may not necessarily be covered under the policy. Some of these examples are:

  • Fencing, patios, pools, and decks
  • Completed landscaping 
  • Structures that are detached
  • Jewelry and cash above a certain limit
  • Official certificates of stock 

How is my Separate Car Insurance Policy Related?

Securing protection for your vehicle from flood damage will depend on the specifics of your auto insurance policy. If you are currently carrying comprehensive coverage, the vehicle is most likely covered, but it’s important to carefully look over your policy to understand what specific events and varieties of damage are taken care of. Much like an accident, a deductible will need to be provided out of pocket for each incidence of flooding. We can sit down with you here and offer our best advice as we have seen many rainy seasons affect drivers statewide and have developed a keen sense of the best coverage for different scenarios. 

Is Flood Insurance Mandatory? 

If your home is situated in an area that is prone to flooding, the lender for your mortgage will likely require you to carry a specified level of insurance as a relative term of your loan. Even if your lender does not require the purchase, it can be a very wise move to do it on your own: just a single inch of flood water can incur more than $25,000 in collective damage. FEMA stated last summer that it is important to consider the fact that more than 20 percent of the claims received by the agency are for homes that are officially designated in moderate or low-risk areas.

Since your traditional homeowner’s policy may not typically include flood coverage, considering making this purchase can provide a huge sense of security and ease your worry about the future. You will notice the extra monthly expense, but your coverage will offer you protection from losses so severe they are difficult to financially recover from. There are many resources for you to find the correct policy, and here at Alexander Insurance we can secure your belongings and peace of mind for the long run: we are standing by now to assess the ultimate way to assure security and rapid replacement for the items that make your best and most long-lasting memories!


So you’ve put in the hard work and built your side hustle from the ground up. From food delivery, to homemade goods and more, you’ve put in the extra hours to turn your idea into a profitable business. Now what? It could be time to protect yourself and your hard work with the right insurance.

What are the Most Useful Functions of Home-Based Business Insurance?

Since your side hustle is still technically a business, you could face the same type of risks that larger businesses do. A well-selected and ideal home-based business insurance policy can prevent you from incurring a significant financial loss. These issues are not always covered with homeowner’s insurance, particularly if your primary business functions from a structure on your property that is separate from your residence. Many Homeowners insurance policies can offer the valuable addition of home-based business insurance as a rider to assure that you are fully protected.

One fact that is very crucial to your business is that a serious liability lawsuit can easily reach up to $50,000 or even $60,000. You’ll pay a set amount for your coverage as a monthly premium, and in return, you will enjoy the benefit of not paying a much larger sum after the error or accident occurs. To obtain this type of coverage, you just must answer a few inquiries about your industry, where you do business, the number of employees you have, and any recent claims history.

What Types of Elements are Covered With Homeowners Insurance?

Here are the different options for home-based insurance coverage that will give you varying levels of protection for your well-devised side hustle:

Business Property Insurance:

This type of coverage protects your very valuable equipment in case of catastrophic theft or damage to your valuable personal property. This is a great idea for someone who is running a business such as a t-shirt printing endeavor or food truck that would be very costly to have to replace in a hurry. 

Liability Insurance:

Liability coverage is a very important aspect of insurance that will protect your entire business if anyone has the misfortune of sustaining an injury on your property. This situation becomes critical IF the occurrence is related to the type of business you are running. One business example that would be a prime candidate to benefit from this type of coverage is a hairdresser, who has multiple parties of traffic coming in and out of the house, potentially raising what would be an otherwise mild risk.

Product Liability Coverage:

This type of policy is ideal for side hustle businesses that thrive by providing physical products. Whether you sell bicycles, skateboards, hunting knives, or even leaf blowers, it provides coverage for anything that may occur to your customer. Sometimes the lists are not all-inclusive, so it’s very important to review your plan in detail with us. We’ll  review your policy and see if your product is covered.

It is always better to be covered than to wish you had coverage if an accident or error occurs with your side hustle. Here at the Alexander Insurance Agency, we have years of experience with small businesses, the types of claims you’ll encounter, and are happy to help you protect your most valuable assets and endeavors! Let our experts help you get the peace-of-mind you deserve with your business.


When you are involved in a car crash, all the reasons that you secured adequate coverage for yourself in the first place make themselves evident in a hurry! When anyone thinks about an auto wreck, it’s easy to assume that two vehicles were involved in the collision, both drivers did their due diligence and stayed on the scene, and the claims are sent off to be processed and paid out by insurance companies. While this is often times the case, many different situations can arise that would make the settlement process quite a bit longer, which makes things complicated for someone that just had their vehicle damaged. 

Here are some of the things that can come up and provide just a few more circumstances to deal with than you may have been prepared for, much like the accident itself!

Having an Incident with an Uninsured Individual:

The insurance information institute has estimated that more than 10% of drivers at any time in many states are underinsured. There are many more that are only insured with the minimum coverage just to get on the road legally, with that number ticking upwards as inflation rears its head again. When you meet with us here at Alexander insurance agency to set up your policy, adding underinsured slash uninsured coverage to your policy comes to your aid immediately during this scenario. It also is so very useful in that it covers the cost of injuries you and your passengers may have incurred so you are not suddenly receiving bills for treatment you assumed you were covered for. 

Sustaining Major Injuries + Harm:

When you are a passenger and you have been seriously hurt, you remain legally fault-free and can recover from any involved party after you simply prove they were a minimum of just 1% liable for the accident. Simply contact us as your provider immediately after this unfortunate event. You may be able to recoup damages from the auto insurance of the vehicle you were in, from the other vehicle involved in the crash, or even your own personal auto insurance coverage.

What if you are Riding in a Cab or Commonly Used Rideshare Service?

When this kind of accident takes place, your vehicle is fortunately not involved. Even if the events may shock and traumatize you a little, you should gather as much information as you possibly can right away. Begin by snapping photos of the vehicles damaged and try your hardest to obtain pictures of any driver’s identification as well as their auto insurance policy information. 

If you are the passenger when this happens, report the accident on your Lyft, Uber, or other available application. If you were in a taxi the company will most likely have a form for you to fill out right at the accident scene. These providers of rideshare services do know that things can happen quickly on the road, and for this reason they sometimes carry up to $1 million of coverage that they mandate upon their drivers to assure consistent safety. 

When the Guilty Party Leaves the Scene:

If the one who caused the accident leaves a scene immediately, this is when you must act very quickly and identify anything you can about their vehicle’s traits. A license number is crucial, but even the model, color, in any other things that stick out such as damage to the vehicle is relative to the investigation. One of the best features of living in today’s high-tech society is the fact that phones have cameras and video cameras, and footage like this can really provide you a great amount of leverage in any insurance investigation. Even if you don’t think the accident is that serious at first, it’s very important to file a police report the DAY AFTER or day of the incident, so they can get to work on solving things immediately. 

When everything in your day is moving at a typical pace and then suddenly you get into an auto wreck, it can be very frightening! All of us at the Alexander Insurance Agency of Saint Charles is standing by to help you pick the right policy, answered the phone for you immediately with any questions, and see to it that you are back on the road again and healthy in the least amount of time as possible.