As soon as you turn the ignition and pull into gear, you need car insurance! You may choose to have the minimum to legally drive or full coverage to handle a wreck or theft. No matter which option you choose, we can assist you and find you the policy that best meets your needs. Here are a few strategies we have found that will help lower your cost and leave you with a little extra cash!

The Perks Of Multi-Car Discount: Once you have obtained a quote to insure your car, many companies have it in their best interest to give you a higher quote per vehicle than with a bulk rate covering multiple drivers. The multi-car discount works best if the cars are at the same residence and if you wish to obtain other forms of coverage such as homeowners’ insurance.

The Positive Effects of Keeping Your Eyes Peeled: So many drivers are distracted on the road, and being mindful can save you from multiple accidents or violations. From small infractions to major violations, the many ways in which drivers don’t comply always trickle down to the rates they pay. If you have been able to keep the points off your license, there is already a favorable beacon of light shining down on you when it comes to premiums.

Consider a Defensive Driving Course: Insurance companies will provide a substantial discount for those who complete a defensive driving course, and you can even get some of those pesky points reduced as well! When a driver takes classes to learn to drive defensively, insurance agencies are likely to recognize that they are less of a risk and charge them less.

Gazing at Where the Grass May be Greener: If your policy is nearing renewal and your premium has recently gone up, it will do best for you to shop around and get quotes from other companies that would be happy to have you as a new customer! It is also best to keep in mind that going with the cheapest company may not always be in your best interest, as a creditworthy and reputable name in the business will always settle a claim promptly.

The Growing Movement Towards Embracing Mass Transit: One of the most important questions insurance agencies ask when assessing risk is the number of miles you drive annually. The more time you spend in your vehicle getting to work every day, the higher your premium will be. With so many cities now expanding their mass transit options and routes, you can use them to your advantage to decrease the number of miles you drive before asking for a discount. Taking advantage of a city’s resourcefulness will save you some money!

Consider a Smaller Ride: The biggest SUV on the block may sound like an exciting buy, but sometimes the cost to insure a large vehicle is NOT worth the price! Many insurers will offer a discount for buying a hybrid and doing your part to protect the well-being of the planet.

Leave the tough questions up to us here at Alexander Insurance before making a purchase. We can provide solutions for you that leave both you and your checking account in the healthiest of shape.