A wife that was recollecting her husband’s passion for motorcycles in a major news article this week was reflecting on how she understood his love for them, but encountered constant worry! Even though he had much love for the hobby, he recognized that it was crucial to have proper coverage for the ride. She started out by calling her current insurance provider and learned that her car insurance would not include the benefit of covering the motorcycle. 

Here are some key elements we have learned over the years here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles that will assist you in making the right decision for your safety. These are the basic types of coverage for a standard motorcycle policy, and some distinct traits of each one. 

  • Liability Insurance will cover damages and injury to others if you are involved in an accident. It doesn’t cover damages to you personally, or any damage your bike suffers.
  • Motorcycle Collision Insurance is a very useful variety of coverage that assists with damages to your bike from a collision. The bikes of today vary greatly in price, just as the mechanic’s and detailers’ rates of repair.
  • Comprehensive Insurance will cover damage to your motorcycle from a fire, theft, or mishap such as a fallen branch. This also assists with animal encounters on the road, which can be a common occurrence in Missouri! If you are not quite sure where your accident falls or want to understand the outcome of various events, just speak with us, and we will provide instant and reliable assistance!
  • Medical Payments or Personal Injury Coverage will assist with coverage for injuries that happen while you are riding. Sometimes these events take place in the blink of an eye! One reason why this is a very sought-after type of coverage is that it covers lost wages during your recovery period on top of the initial medical bills. If you enjoy bringing someone else along for the ride, it even provides the peace of mind to cover their medical liability. 
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage will assist with the very dire circumstance of an at-fault driver causing damage to you or your bike without being insured. 
  • Custom Parts Coverage is an excellent option for those who like to modify their bike, as most policies will only cover the parts that come as standard. For those who are all about cruising with the addition of a sidecar or an awesome new paint job, this additional coverage is well worth it. 

Above and Beyond the Bare Minimum:

It is very important to check your state’s minimum liability requirements, as they can vary drastically from state to state. Some riders believe that life insurance itself may be more valuable than motorcycle insurance, but we can assure you that foregoing motorcycle coverage would be a big mistake! No matter what the extent of your property damage or injuries are, you could end up in a grave amount of financial trouble if you happen to hurt someone else while enjoying an afternoon cruise. Once you see what the minimum coverage is, it is a wise move to add collision or comprehensive for greater protection. 

As With Anything, Choose Wisely

For many riders in Missouri, motorcycles are a bit of a seasonal pastime. Many companies will allow you to add a “laid-up” form of coverage, where you can drop all coverage except for comprehensive coverage during the colder months. One of our experienced agents here at Alexander Insurance can offer you a consultation: you also may be able to save money on your premiums if you can provide an accurate mileage count, as the “weekend warrior abides!”