Whether the snow is falling just in time for the holidays or the summer heat is beating down with fervor, many businesses have lost money over time due to their goods not arriving in one piece. Once your well-selected Father’s Day gifts or awesome new flat screen arrives at your local distribution center, up to 1/10 of goods show up in less-than-favorable condition. If you are counting on the items you ordered to be in the best possible shape for your customer, it can be very disheartening to not have an order ready for the eager and open arms on the receiving end. 

Alexander Insurance wants our customers to know that the goods they are transporting are protected so that their business functions properly. No matter where you live some things can go wrong during shipping and that is where inland marine insurance comes in. This will protect your goods that you are transporting by land, air, or sea and we work with some of the top providers! Of those providers, The Hartford and Nationwide are some of the best and here is why.

The Hartford provides a large variety of inland marine policies, and has built a longstanding reputation by being reachable around the clock. When you obtain inland marine coverage through The Hartford, you can opt for technology, construction, transportation, equipment, and miscellaneous insurance options, which is a great way for businesses such as antique and snack vendors to know they will receive optimal coverage in the event that anything should happen. 

The 13th-largest property and casualty operation in the nation, this successful Fortune 500 company was formed in a cozy Connecticut Inn with a roaring fire during 1810 and went on to survive some of the greatest fire tragedies in modern times. Their recent acquisition of Y-RIsk allowed them to provide a focus on economic risk, one of the dominating factors when it comes to expertise in inland marine insurance. 

Nationwide is a provider with an excellent reputation that has been long known for providing top-tier insurance for those in various types of businesses. Accounts receivable departments are very busy hubs that deal with the most important aspect of your business’s vitality: getting paid on time. The pros at Nationwide have decades of experience when it comes to losses to records, which can happen in the blink of an eye during transport in any weather conditions. Nationwide has topped our list here at Alexander Insurance by being an incredibly diverse employer and retaining their impeccable skills for accuracy and attention to detail regarding valuable shipments. 

As the world opens up and everyone is excited to once again complete the transactions that enable the vitality of their business, our agency is excited to provide you a source of safety. If anything unexpected ever happens to your goods during their journey across the country, you can rest assured that every last detail will be taken care of from these class-leading insurance providers!