As we are prepping for the holiday season here at Alexander Insurance, we know about the many elements we could be encountering soon. From torrential rain and high winds to long-lasting drifts of snow, your treasured home can endure many tough calamities that are hard to take care of in a pinch. Luckily, your foundation is built to hold up under severe doses of mother nature’s wrath. However, it can still suffer damage in many ways.

In some instances, coats of paint that you thought would be durable may peel after heavy rains, and snow that seeps into cracks will damage the paint and lift even the final coat. Your foundation can suffer cracks and leaks as well. Dreaded mold can begin to form if conditions are favorable in the attic, and homeowners’ insurance can be a great help if your home experiences damage from any of these elements.

While you may be handy enough to repair some of these issues on your own, here are a few instances when a claim will be of great assistance to you during a stressful time.

Damage to Your House from Fallen Trees

Having your home surrounded by gorgeous trees can be the ultimate example of a double-edged sword. They add so much scenic value and shade for both residents and guests to enjoy, but harsh elements can render them to form a quite dangerous hazard. If a tree does happen to fall on your property, your policy will most likely kick in and cover extensive removal and cleanup efforts. 

Taking the time to sit down with us and review your policy is essential to make sure that you’re prepared for the winter, especially in states such as Missouri that can change drastically from day-to-day. Most insurance carriers can shell out up to $1,000 for the removal of a fallen tree. To prevent this accident from happening in the first place, you could inspect the trees on your property by taking a good look at their structure to find out if they are experiencing illness in any form. If you determine that this is the case, take accurate pictures and try to remove them before the nasty weather hits.

The Peril and Eventual Destruction From Ice Dams

Taking up residence in the Show-Me State offers A-list activities such as watching the Cardinals during the playoffs or enjoying the open space and recreational fun at the scenic lakes of the Ozarks. But eventually, many trees, lawns, autos, and homes will be covered in a white blanket that carries various risks. If a blizzard happens to lock you in, a dangerous ice dam can form on your roof, which can also wreak havoc on your gutters. 

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by keeping your gutters clean. Your homeowners insurance policy will cover the damage to ice dams, but your coverage limits play a huge factor during this process. Your homeowners insurance policy may also be able to provide assistance with damage to the ceiling, roof, or walls resulting from ice dams. You can contact us here to find out more about what your policy will aid you with in times of need.

The Inconvenient Burden of Bursting Pipes

Without the luxury of running water in your house, simple tasks such as dishes and bathing become very difficult. During the winter months here in Missouri, water pipes can freeze and expand and sometimes unfortunately burst. The first sign that this has happened is that you will not have any running water, and most lines will break in areas that are not properly heated such as your garage or basement. One great way to make sure you’re covered is to have a plumber stop by before the cold season to inspect every line before the temperatures begin to drop.

In many instances, landlords endure a difficult time if the furnace goes out during the dead of winter. When this happens, a new unit may need to be replaced within a day to prevent this extensive damage from happening. Colder spaces like attics can benefit from upgrades to insulation along with proper insulation during construction. Homeowners policies do cover water pipers, but you may not be fully protected if you have failed to do everything you can to prepare your home.

The Peace and Comfort of Confidently Assessing Risk

Along with cold weather comes the joy of spending the holidays with your family, and this is not a time that you want to be interrupted by freezing and leaking! Here at Alexander Insurance, we have been preparing businesses and families to quickly protect themselves and recover from the elements under any circumstances. We will take time with you to make sure that you are protected under the kind of coverage that works best for you and adheres to the unique elements of your dwelling.