When it’s time to go over expenses, we know costs can go up substantially, and every penny counts more now than ever! Having appropriate coverage is intelligent and responsible, but can add drastically to the cost of your monthly car insurance. There are a number of different factors that can have an effect on your monthly bill, and it’s always a good idea to give your coverage a thorough review during renewal time to assure that your auto policy is providing you what you need at a price you can afford!

Experts like us at Alexander Insurance are always looking for ways to make your coverage more reasonable and effective. Here are some of the ways that you can save when it comes time to pay your car insurance premiums!

Consistently Comparison Shop:
Every company offers different rates, so it will always pay to shop around and compare. We think that it’s best to get at least three quotes from different companies: those that offer policies through their own agents, those that sell through independent agents, and those that sell directly to consumers online. It’s always a great idea to ask trusted friends and family for their recommendations based on their experiences, and extensively research the company before you commit.

One thing we pride ourselves on is being there for you when things go wrong, and following through when it’s time to make a claim. The least expensive option is not always the one that’s going to benefit you in the long run, and you are going to want someone reliable to be there for you in the event you need your insurance.

Analyzing Your Costs Before You Make the Car Purchase:
Many insurance premiums are based in part on the car’s price, how much it will cost to fix, its safety record, and the likelihood that it will be stolen. Many insurers offer discounts for high-tech additives that reduce the risk of your car being stolen, personal injuries, or for cars that have stellar safety ratings. When you are out there comparing new or used vehicles to purchase, it is also important to research what each model will cost to insure. The IIHS Highway Safety picks are a great resource for this information!

Think About Raising Your Deductible:
By making the choice to have a higher deductible on your car insurance, you can assure that your premium costs will be lower. As long as you can manage to stay safe on the road, this is a sure-fire means of lowering your expenses when the monthly bills arrive.

Reducing Optional Coverage on a Gently Used Model:
If your car is worth less than 10 times what you are paying for a premium, opting for collision and comprehensive coverage may not be worth it. To determine whether this is worth it for you, simply check the value of your car with excellent and trustworthy resources such as Kelley Blue Book, National Association of Auto Dealers, and TrueCar. When you are behind the wheel of an older model, it can be best to focus on coverage that hovers closer to the minimum.

The Benefits of Bundling Various Forms of Coverage:
Many insurance providers will be happy to give you a discount if you purchase two or more types of insurance, or choose to have more than one vehicle covered. Some companies are happy to offer hefty discounts to customers who have been using their services for a long time.

Keeping in Great Standing With Your Credit:
Keeping up with a great credit history will benefit you by providing much lower costs. Many insurers use in-depth information about your credit history to adjust prices on your policy, and drivers who are great at managing their credit don’t make as many claims. To be positive that you are getting the credit rating you deserve, it’s necessary to check your credit record frequently to assure that it is thoroughly accurate.

Leveraging Low Mileage Discounting:
If you don’t drive as far as some others do, your rates could be reduced. Valuable low mileage discounts can also apply to drivers who make the Earth-friendly choice to carpool to work.

Getting By With a Little Help From Group Rates:
Many companies like us will offer reductions to drivers who obtain insurance through a group plan from their employers, through business charters or other various associations. It’s always a good idea to check with your affiliated organizations to see your available offerings.

Auto insurance is absolutely one of the most crucial needs for everyday life, and all of us here at Alexander Insurance are professionals when it comes to securing the best policy for you at an affordable price. You can drive away knowing that your family is fully protected, and your monthly budget is still intact!