Many business owners that sit down with us here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles want to make sure that they are doing everything they can to maximize productivity during both prosperous and tight times. Any business that is realigning its values and maximizing their potential is bound to take a good look at its safety procedures, assuring that everyone is safe and able to effectively crank out the digital or physical goods!

After going through our various blog sources for the year we came across one with some great ideas we’d love to share with any business owner. All these tips are specific to different seasons and will assure that your bottom line and commerce stay healthy whether the elements decide to rain or shine outside during 2023.

Fall Safety Tips:

  1. As the days are now shorter, make sure things are lit up well at night to minimize occupational hazards.
  2. Keep in mind that driving any type of vehicle over damp leaves can be slippery, much like icy roads are in the winter.
  3. Take some time to review your preparedness plan for dealing with natural disasters, as the season winding down provides extra time for some.
  4. After a very damaging storm hits, stay away from affected areas until they are properly cleared and revitalized.
  5. Take special care to look at surfaces with a lot of traffic and sanitize them frequently to cut down on the spread of germs.
  6. Encouraging employees to be vaccinated against the flu and other prevalent viruses will cut down on unnecessary absences, allowing you to be confident that you are operating with a capable and at-capacity staff. 

Winter Safety Tips:

This can be one of the most perilous times of year, as blizzards, ice storms, and high winds can make transit and delivery extra challenging.

  1. If you run a business that involves outside work, make sure everyone has indoor breaks to keep from frostbite and other exposure.
  2. Encourage heavy layers and extra warm clothing, as very frigid temperatures can creep up and drastically affect workers’ health.
  3. Be sure to plan driving routes that will fully avoid any incoming storms.
  4. Even though it can be challenging, things will be running full steam if you are constantly keeping driveways and parking lots clear of snow and ice to make sure there are no accidents.
  5. Make sure that snow and water tracked inside have been regularly cleaned and stay diligent with refreshing mats that get wet in your entryway. 
  6. Make sure you have a very capable team of experts that you can get in touch with for emergency help, such as a roof inspector, professional plowing, and plumber in case of freezing or other damage.

Spring Safety Tips:

Even though spring is many business owners’ most profitable season, there is still a heightened risk of inclement weather to always be aware of.

  1. A thorough spring cleaning does great at keeping the workplace safe, as you can cut down on fire hazards, deep clean flooring, and make sure gutters are clear.
  2. Since we frequently have tornadoes here in Missouri, it’s best to prepare your property and assure you have a safe space for employees in case there is a touchdown or funnel cloud nearby.
  3. The side effects of spring forward during daylight savings time can linger for a couple days, and businesses that require full attention may need to be alert during this interval for worker fatigue.
  4. Many companies start a sports team during spring, as the weather improves drastically. Make sure to cover all your legal bases in case anyone accidentally gets injured during practice or competition.

Summer Safety Tips:

As the temperatures begin to heat up, strong storms and wildfires can be just a few of the unexpected elements that can affect your business with or without proper planning.

  1. Make sure that outdoor workers are constantly hydrated, as this is the driving factor behind many shift workers having to suddenly go home and leave you short-staffed.
  2. For those working in the heat, make sure that they are clothed appropriately. Fabric that breathes a bit can go a long way in providing stamina and relief for servers, construction workers, and other outdoor crew members. 
  3. Keep tabs on the weather, as it can change during summer months just as drastically as in Winter! Winds and precipitation can pick up quickly, and render you a bit unprepared. 
  4. Installing a generator can help you be prepared if there is a power loss, which is crucial for refrigeration, storage, data provisioning, and credit card processing. 
  5. If your business area is prone to wildfires, create a defensible space around the perimeter to keep any damage at a minimum. Touching base with us here at the Alexander Agency is an ideal starting point to be even further prepared as a plan of action for any of the elements that the four seasons can offer as a surprise!