Whether you need a rental car for business needs or personal – Alexander Insurance Agency in St. Charles is here to help you make a decision that best fits your needs. As always,  we would be pleased to assist you in a one-on-one capacity and provide a personalized quote.

Car insurance companies are not required to make you purchase car rental insurance when renting a vehicle, nor do they require you to show proof of a currently active auto insurance policy. However, most rental car companies will require you to make a deposit with a credit card before renting a car through their service.

As you have probably gathered, rental car insurance will protect the vehicle you are renting through the designated time you have agreed to rent the car. There are various policies that most car rental companies offer, whose specific names may vary by the company, but let’s go over the most common policies and what they offer.

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

A collision damage waiver prevents you from being held financially responsible for any exterior damage that could be caused by something like a fender-bender or wrecking the vehicle. If you have not purchased car rental insurance, the rental company’s own insurance will pay for the damage, and you will be required to reimburse the car rental company out of your own pocket.

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

This policy will cover any medical expenses for you and any other passenger in the event of an automotive accident.

  • Personal Effects Coverage (PAC)

Was your car stolen? This policy will cover the cost of your possessions in the vehicle.

  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP)

 While the personal accident insurance will cover any medical expenses for you and your passengers, it may not cover any medical expenses for any other parties outside of your vehicle. The supplemental liability protection will cover medical costs for other individuals involved, depending on how much coverage you purchase.

Does my current auto policy have rental insurance coverage?

Depending on your current auto insurance policy, you may be covered by some of the policies listed above. As with any automotive accident, there can be a lot to take in. Alexander Insurance Agency is here to help make the process as smooth as possible and make sure you are prepared for any situation.