As the trooper walks away and the dust settles, reality sinks in. You’ve just gotten a speeding ticket due to your haste, and are now wondering what the consequences are. In our state of Missouri, a 40-year-old driver who suddenly finds himself with a speeding ticket usually will see their full coverage car insurance rates rise by about 20%. Depending on who you pick for your carrier, your rate could vary. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the laws that govern tickets, and how they affect what you’ll be spending each month.

How Much Will a Speeding Ticket Cost in Missouri?

What your speeding ticket will cost you depends on how many miles over the posted speed limit you were driving, though in most cases, a speeding ticket in Missouri will cost between $120- $240. If you’re caught speeding in a construction zone or school zone the fine will be raised by $25. Much like many other states, Missouri is based on a point system for licensing, where drivers obtain points depending on what offense they have been guilty of. If you’re unlucky enough to accumulate eight or more points within 18 months, your license will unfortunately be suspended.

How Much Does Each Ticket Increase Insurance in Missouri?

In most cases, an infraction resulting from a speeding ticket in Missouri will increase your rates by about 20%. Some of the factors that affect this are who your insurance provider is, how fast you’re going, whether this is your first offense, and what type of zone the road you were on is categorized as. Just as many commuters are choosing to push the envelope and drive just a little faster, law enforcement has become savvier, and if it becomes a habit, you WILL eventually get caught.

Are There ways to Keep my Insurance Rates Low After a Ticket in Missouri?

Drivers who get pulled over for speeding in Missouri will immediately notice their car insurance rates increase. Here are a couple of tips from us here at the Alexander Agency of Saint Charles that can help you save money on your insurance after you get a ticket. 

Get as Many Different Quotes as Possible:

Every car insurance company out there will command a different rate, no matter how your record Has fared. If you see a drastic increase in your rates after getting a speeding ticket, you can consider quotes from other companies to see if they can finalize a lower rate. The insurance company you ultimately want to go with will offer different types of discounts, comprehensive coverage options, and glowing reviews from long-standing policy holders.

Working on Your Credit Score:

Credit scores are a factor when it comes to an insurance company being able to predict who may file a claim. If you have good credit your rate will be closer to the nation’s average, while having excellent credit may see you obtaining a lower rate. While many consumers and advocate groups have expressed disappointment and concern about this type of profiling, it is based on solid findings that those who’ve had difficulty with finances may ultimately not be driving as safely as others.

Insure and Secure: The Perks of Bunding Your Policies

Car insurance companies in Missouri are happy to offer a discount for drivers who purchase more than just their auto with the same carrier. If you are also seeking life insurance, renters, or home policies, bundling them will allow you to get a discount on your final premium amount. This also makes it more convenient for you as you approach your monthly billing cycle and can save you time as you have an auto-pay option or just one easy debit for all your coverage types. 

How Much Car Insurance is Required by Law in Missouri?

Missouri’s current car insurance laws state that every driver on the road needs to carry a minimum of at least 25/50/25 personal liability insurance and 25/50 uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. To be covered in the case of anything happening and offer Peace of Mind, we often recommend that drivers raise their coverage limits or obtain a full coverage policy that includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

Your Fast Lane to Resolution: Missouri Speeding Tickets and Our Support

We understand that life happens, and there are times when everything on your to-do list is jammed up into a very small allotment of space! Everyone here at the Alexander insurance agency of Saint Charles has been watching trending behavior and the rising rates, along with proactively seeking out solutions for ample coverage. Getting behind the wheel involves risk, but also provides the reward of productivity and quick-errands convenience. Speeding tickets shouldn’t slow down your budget. Reach out to Alexander Insurance Agency of St. Charles and let us steer you towards auto insurance solutions that keep your rates low without compromising on coverage!