It is perfectly natural to be apprehensive and a bit confused when purchasing life insurance, as the many options can sometimes be overwhelming. We’re here to give you some personal tips from the experts at Alexander Insurance to help you select the policy type that is best for you.

Pay Close Attention to the Now: Before you can figure out how much insurance you need, you should get an accurate picture of where your current financial situation stands. First, take a close look at your current fund for emergencies, savings for retirement, and any other life insurance options you have through your job. Dependents, business and family goals, and the choice of moderate or lavish housing should all be taken into consideration.

Permanent Life Insurance Vs. Term Life Insurance: A term life policy will pay coverage for a set amount of time and is an excellent way of protecting someone from tragedy until a specific goal is met, such as paying off your home. A permanent life insurance policy will cover a beneficiary for all of their remaining years, which is why the premiums are considerably higher out-of-pocket.

Variables That Have Bearing on Your Rates: The factors that influence your life insurance rates boil down to your age and your health. If you happen to still be young, a large death benefit could see you paying a bit more. One of the best decisions buyers can make is to lock in a lower rate with term insurance while they are young, and change to a permanent policy if they finish their doctorate, get promoted, or see an increase in income.

Enjoying Less Spend After Comparison Shopping: We are standing by and will be thrilled when we can officially call you a customer, but we also encourage you to look around to make sure you make the right decision! Here at the Alexander Agency of St. Charles, we will always be of assistance, guide you in the right direction, and reach out with an extended hand during any unexpected time of need.

Always Hang on the Laurels of Honesty: Applying for life insurance is an instance when you should be as transparent as possible! Third-party sources will be on hand to assure that the information you have given on applications is true. They also have access to the data they have requested on your application. Being as truthful as possible only helps your health!

At Alexander Insurance Agency, we have the means and experience to provide the ultimate peace of mind during uncertain times. We created deep roots in our business right away because we have a true passion for helping people, and allowing for you to create many more cherished memories after others in your family tree have celebrated their lives.