Homeowners insurance is one of the useful safeguards in life that protects the place you and your family love to call your own while offering liability coverage for physical injuries that could accidentally take place. The three various types that are standard offerings fall under dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and personal liability coverage.

Homeowner’s insurance steps in to protect the property and goods inside your house if any event deemed an “insurance peril” takes place. Common occurrences are theft, fire, lightning, vandalism, and other forms of storm damage. To protect the interest and liability of the entity providing you coverage, the limits to personal property amounts can reside on average at around $100,000. If you happen to reside in areas that are prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, there are available forms of windstorm riders as options to protect you as well.

Some of the items that many homeowners are fortunate enough to possess fall under the guise of very expensive electronics, and personal heirlooms in the form of jewelry. There are options to add a “floater policy” as an add-on to your existing insurance. Even though this may come at a slight price increase, it’s where you will benefit from the broadest forms of coverage. Just as if you were planning an estate sale, you will want to have the fine art and jewelry appraised before meeting with us here at Alexander Insurance Agency to find the best option for you.

Some options cover only jewelry that act as a comprehensive, all perils policy, covering every type of loss without any scrutiny surrounding the occurrence. When items of this extreme value are taken into consideration for coverage, replacement cost is a common form of replacing the item. This equals the financial amount it would take to replace the items with one that is brand-new or used. “Actual cash value” tends to weigh in a bit lower, as it takes into consideration the depreciation of the item over time. 

If you ever experience the misfortune of being a burglary victim, here are the proper steps to take after securing your policy of choice from us here at the Alexander Insurance Agency:

  • The police report is essential: file this official document and have it on standby for us
  • Document by photograph how the damage occurred if it was a storm instead of a theft.
  • Contact us promptly! This is a situation where much like an auto accident, time is of the essence. 

As the moving truck arrives and you are preparing to celebrate being fully settled in, we’ll be preparing and underwriting the documents that will assure your happiness and good faith! We are experts with the best policies that St. Charles area residents will benefit from, and are standing by to assist you with every detail to protect your new abode for the memory-making future!