Moving into your new home is a deeply gratifying and memorable time. One of the most important parts of the moving and home-buying process is homeowner’s insurance. Several things affect your rates, such as the home’s history of claims, square footage and needed coverage, and your ceiling of available coverage.

As fall arrives, there are several insurance questions to answer to keep everything at your new digs up to par. Here are some of the most important things to consider during the search for the best home insurance company for you.

Your Location’s Importance:
Your zip code, state, and city you live in all affect causes of recorded loss in your immediate area. If there have been more recorded incidents of crime where you are requesting coverage, you will pay a higher premium. If break-ins are common in your area, you can even opt for more coverage to protect if your home exists in harm’s way.

Weather is also a factor that affects many different elements of your coverage. Tornadoes, severe hail, and hurricanes on the coast are events that insurance companies look at when calculating your risk. Missouri is not as risky on the tornado front, but there is potential for floodplain issues and minor storm damage. If your residence happens to be just within a mile of a fire station, it can be cheaper to insure, as having eminent rescue capabilities nearby are vital.

The Home’s Makeup:
The materials used to construct the home, unique safety features, and its size all can affect the cost of your premium. Additives such as impact-resistant roofs or a home security system will lower your rate. The variety of the home security systems now available on the market allow for split-second notification and authority calls when a home is entered.

Verified Ratings from Third-Party Organizations:
As you are searching for the company that is going to cover your home and belongings, many third-party organizations give detailed ratings services to help with your choice. The J.D. Power Ratings do a great job of collecting customer feedback that considers cost, quality of agent interactions, and the way that claims are handled. Standard And Poor’s and AM Best also look at each provider’s rating for elements of stability and rank who has the sufficient assets to repay policyholders after a claim and be less likely to buckle under financial strain.

Considering Track Record:
It is important to think about how accessible the company providing your homeowner’s policy is, as providing around-the-clock customer service and claim reporting is vital. We want you to research us in-depth when it comes to settlements, how we service claims and the process of repairing damaged property.

Is It Mandatory to Cover My Home?
No. This is not like auto insurance, which is needed to legally drive. However, purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions in your life, and having sufficient protection is paramount. Alexander Insurance Agency of St. Charles provides various coverage options, class-leading customer service, and the knowledge it takes to preserve your property!