With over 870,000 cars stolen nationwide in 2020, the United States experienced a dismaying 9.2% increase in missing autos. As no one wants to wake up to an empty parking spot, one of the most sensible ways to protect yourself is to purchase the car insurance policy specifically provided for this unfortunate scenario. Many of the providers here at Alexander Insurance offer comprehensive coverage that provides the ultimate peace of mind for you with repair or replacement services in the event of vehicle theft. 

A Quick Guide to Policies and Protection:

The type of auto insurance that will pay outright to replace your vehicle after it’s stolen or repair it after a break-in is Comprehensive Insurance. Without the threat of theft, if you experience damage from a weather issue such as a fallen tree or have a collision with an animal you will see thorough compensation. 

The bare minimum for many states such as Missouri and Illinois cover bodily injury and property damage coverage, but do not provide you coverage for theft. 

What kind of car you drive, where you live, and elements on your past driving record all affect your rates, as well as how much your deductible will be in the event something happens. If you enjoy driving a model that is newer than 10 years, comprehensive coverage may be well worth It, as thieves will be interested in the resale value. 

How am I Protected After Theft?

After beginning a comprehensive policy with us here at Alexander Insurance, you can rest assured with the knowledge that we will provide the means for you to repair or replace your car if someone attempts to steal it! 

Here are a few of the elements you can count on being taken care of for you with a comprehensive policy’s cloak of protection:

  • Vehicle Replacement: If a suitable claim is filed through the authorities, after the deductible’s financial obligation has been fulfilled, you will receive the complete replacement value of the car.
  • Necessary Parts: If your car was stripped for tires or other valuables, a comprehensive policy will pay for items such as catalytic converters and other items that have increased in value on the market with inflation. 
  • Repair: The windows are prone to extreme damage when thieves are breaking in, and the comprehensive policy will assist with expenses for these extreme damages. 

Tips on Preventing This Tragedy:

Comprehensive coverage is an excellent and very reassuring benefit if this happens to you, but there are a few great ways to avoid it from disrupting your day-to-day life.

  • Consistency with Locks: Even if you are en route, always lock up! During the winter, DO NOT leave the car running or the keys inside for any reason.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Don’t leave items that would attract a thief anywhere visible, as all this does is increase your chances of something bad happening.
  • Don’t Always have Passports, Vaccination Cards with you: These are a few more items that thieves find very valuable and should be left at home unless this is the day you are traveling.
  • Use Your Sixth Sense Often: Avoid dangerous neighborhoods if at all possible, and when you park, check for decent and bright lighting. Even during the dog days of summer here in St Charles, keep your windows rolled up to avoid criminal mischief.

We know how much you love your car and how necessary it is for you to have it present, intact, and in great running order! We are standing by cheerfully to assist you with comprehensive car coverage or any other policies to protect you and your family year-round.