When brand-new homeowners come to see us here at Alexander Insurance, the first thing we want to do is CONGRATULATE YOU! You now own your own slice of the American dream, and have a long list of responsibilities. The cost of homeowner’s insurance depends on several factors, including your deductible, how much your home is worth, and your belongings inside. Your home’s location and the surrounding environment will affect your risk, and the less risk you encounter, the lower the cost you will incur. 

We have found many ways to save you money when you make the final decision for your homeowner’s coverage. Here are a few tips:

The Large-Sized Benefit From Bundling: 

Homeowner’s insurance is necessary once you sign the dotted line and embark on your new mortgage to make memories. One of the best ways to get a discount is buying more than one policy through the same insurance company, such as homeowners insurance combined with auto insurance. It can be very convenient to have your policies in one place, and you can notice significant savings. We have been paying attention to what customers’ needs have dictated during recent years, and provide an ideal means of multiple offerings. 

The Decision Factor of Your Deductible: 

The deductible is your share of a covered claim. You can select your deductible for property coverage while you are setting up your homeowner’s policy, which is what you will cover if anything goes wrong. For example, you could select a $1,500 deductible that would apply to your dwelling’s coverage, any other structures, and your own personal property. If you opt for a higher deductible, the annual premium for your insurance policy will be lower, and if you have to make a claim to make valuable repairs, you’ll need to provide more out of pocket before your insurance covers the transaction.

Take into Close Consideration the Types of Claims are Being Filed:

Some incidents can’t be helped when a claim must be filed due to weather and other severe damage. What insurance companies do when they are reviewing your claims is take a close look at the claims that have been filed for up to the past 7 years, and you’ll notice a massive amount of savings if you have not filed any claims with the carrier you used for past forms of coverage. Many of the best scenarios stem from those asking for coverage who have either been savvy or lucky enough to not file any claims for roofs, other damage, or even theft. 

The Reality of Risk Reduction’s Good Side:

You can see a healthy decrease in your premium if you take steps to reduce your constant risk like installing an alarm system, deadbolt locks, or anything else to prevent theft and forced entry. If you have an older home and undergo an update to more modern heating and plumbing systems, check with us to see what types of discounts we can provide to make life easier! 

It would be wise to purchase an older home right now, as availability is limited and they can be amazing remodeling projects that teach you how to spruce a home up right. Making sure that an older home is updated in terms of plumbing, heating, and electrical will ultimately aid you in seeing what discounts are available for homeowner’s insurance. 

Fruitful Results From In-Depth Price Comparison:  

Make sure you ask every company you encounter why they are the best and why they provide the rates they do. Checking around with all providers is most definitely in your best interest. 

Homeowner’s insurance is a necessary component of life that will aid you if an act of God or anything else happens during the process of your mortgage term. We have been hard at work for many years figuring out what clients need the most, how to provide the ultimate assistance, and prepping our finely-honed response when disaster strikes. We’ve always been here for our client base, and look forward to many more years of providing you security, a safe haven, and an opportune place to make incredibly valuable memories with those closest to you.