After the stress of a car crash, you may benefit from a form of compensation. This may come to you from the company that provides you coverage, or the one that is covering the driver “in the wrong.” One of the most important questions to ask yourself is how long after an accident you should wait to file a claim.

How Much Time is There to Feasibly File?

In most states, covering insurance companies can set the ground rules for the timeline. Many companies do not have it clearly outlined, but simply require “prompt filing” after the event. This is important, because if you delay for too long, the insurer may be able to deny the claim. Some states such as New York have no-fault rules in place that mandate compensation to be obtained for smaller-scale accidents no matter who was at fault. 

In our state of Missouri, you have a generous period to work with, as a five-year statute is in place to file a compensation claim. Once too much time has passed, some evidence can be difficult to locate. Memories may be hard to stir, and details become difficult to dig up. If the statute of limitations has passed, your entire claim will be time-barred, and not allowed to proceed.

Benefits of Getting the Ball Rolling:

Even if you have determined that you have ample time to file your claim in detail, there are some important benefits to pursuing a claim immediately:

  • Evidence is easier to obtain
  • The memories of all parties will be fresh
  • Details that make a difference regarding the accident will be easier to uncover
  • Damages suffered by any party won’t be difficult to prove

Knowing With Whom to File Your Claim:

To make sure that your claim is filed within a reasonable time, it is necessary to know exactly who you pursue the claim against. This answer stems from where your geographical location is, and which party is ultimately responsible for the action in question. The insurance company providing you coverage is a necessary contact if the collision was your fault, especially if there are medical bills or vehicle damages that need compensation. 

If the accident is another driver’s fault, it’s time to make a third-party claim against their provider. You can recover compensation for your car’s damage, medical attention, lost wages from your job, pain and suffering, and even intense levels of emotional distress. If the one who caused the accident was driving illegally without insurance, the claim can fall upon your own insurer under the uninsured motorist provisions of your coverage.

One of the most important things that we tell those seeking coverage here at Alexander Insurance is that Missouri IS a “fault state,” where the driver who caused the accident’s insurance company will pay for assistance and recovery for all involved parties. 

What Steps Do I Take To File My Claim?

  • Make sure to ask us at Alexander Insurance how long you have to file to avoid delay.
  • Contact us and the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage immediately to assure that you know exactly where everyone stands.
  • Since Missouri is a fault state, we can pursue compensation from the driver’s insurance company as soon as you begin the process.
  • It is very important to make sure that you have a police report, witness statements and other evidence delivered to the insurer, and any other evidence from bystanders at the scene.
  • Make sure you talk to an insurance adjuster that spends their time determining how much damage was done. They will reach out to you to learn more about the incident and can inspect your vehicle along with the details of any medical assistance needed.
  • When the findings of the adjuster’s report return, you will receive a settlement offer which you and your family can determine is acceptable or not.

If you have just been in an accident, we understand that it is an uncertain, stressful, and time-consuming event that can leave you a bit frustrated and not knowing where to turn! Here at Alexander Insurance, we have helped many drivers by providing the auto insurance policy that sees them through the post-accident onslaught of responsibilities with ease!