The All-Important Provisions of Your Record: States like Missouri use a point system to keep tabs on violations, and as the offense gets more serious, so do the number of points on your license. Inevitable suspension occurs if you have too many points on your license, and once the record sees points added, premiums can be more costly. If you can keep your driving record clean, it will help you with a substantial amount of savings on your insurance rate. 

What Makes for a Clean Record? A clean driving record means that a driver has no violations or accidents on their record. Some insurance companies raise the premiums for drivers who are unlucky enough to commit one small infraction. Other insurance companies will consider a driving record to be completely clean even if a driver has just one or two minor moving violations over the past three years or more. If you are not paying your fines, filing multiple claims, and missing court appearances, your driving record will be affected. You can appeal to your local DMV to get a copy of your official motor vehicle summary from your current insurance company.

Is it Possible to Get a Questionable Driving Record Cleared? The best way to prevent yourself from accumulating enough points to yield a bad record is to obey traffic laws and drive responsibly. However, there are other ways you can get your clean driving record back! You can choose to appear in court to contest your citations if you feel you are in any way wrongly charged. 

Even though this is a common practice, you should consider contesting even the most minor infraction to avoid paying more in premiums. Expungement is another method that can effectively clean your record by removing a traffic violation for good. You may have to meet specific criteria to qualify, which also can differ from state to state. Many drivers can take advantage of this process to help them with a completely fresh start when they need it most!

How Far Back Can Insurance Providers Go to Check Records? Moving violations and accidents are usually listed for around three to five years. Once something is on your driving record, it can be hard to ignore the consequences. Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles is a provider of home, health, life, and auto insurance quotes that always keep the client in mind as our first priority while finding you coverage. 

Our best advice for any driver looking to keep a clean record is to drive the speed limit! These are the tickets that slowly add points on your license. A clean driving record will always help save a substantial amount on your rates and clear the path for lower premiums.