From a crisp fall hunting run to summer days spent whirling around dunes, ATVs are a source of fun for many. There are so many ways to work and play with them, as you can do chores around the farm side by side or hit the trails full-on with a 4×4. Even though many riders see these vehicles as a bit more stable than a motorcycle, there are still various risks you take while using them. The cost for protection on these very fun and productive toys doesn’t have to be a bundle, and the best ATV insurance providers offer many incentives to allow you to save a substantial amount!

While ATV insurance is not required by law in most states, you will likely need to obtain a policy if you want to enjoy your vehicle on public land. Some states also require you to prove insurance coverage to enjoy 3 or 4-wheeled fun on anyone’s property that is not your own. It works quite a bit like motorcycle insurance and will protect you financially if you suffer a crash. An ATV is officially known as an altering vehicle primarily designed for off road use, and many ATVs are now designed for two passengers or more.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

Bodily Injury Liability (required:) this coverage pays if anyone besides you or your passenger becomes injured during an accident that occurs while your ATV is in use, whether you are driving it or not. The limits of bodily injury liability are typically an amount per person and allocated in its total amount per accident. Policies are listed on the marketplace as follows: a $60,000/$110,000 policy will pay up to $60,000 toward each person’s injuries, and a total of $110,000 for the incident overall.

Property Damage Liability (required): this is much like bodily injury liability, and pays for any damage that the operator brings upon another person’s property. A dwelling, the yard around it, or the belongings inside and outside the home are covered. Property damage just has a single limit per incident: if your limit is $75,000, the policy will pay out up to that amount, no matter how many people were involved in the accident.

Medical Payments Coverage/Personal Injury Protection (Optional in Most States): medical payments coverage pays for any medical expenses incurred by any party operating your ATV. Ambulance rides, hospital stays, X-rays, and even surgeries are covered. Even though this type of ATV coverage is so beneficial, it is not always mandated by state law for ATVs because it is so expensive. However, it provides peace of mind especially when younger or generally reckless individuals may be at the helm.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (requirements vary): abiding by the same principles as auto insurance, this provides coverage in the event you or someone riding your ATV collides with an uninsured party. It also will help if there is not enough coverage to make good on all expenses, and this is an extremely good idea during the summer months. Once you start embarking on trips off your property and around high-traffic areas, this type of coverage is well worth it.

Collision (Optional): this type of coverage will pay to repair damage to your ATV caused by a collision with another vehicle. Once you get covered you can choose your deductible amount with the insurance company which will then take care of up to the recorded value of the vehicle. If you are leasing your ATV from a dealership this kind of coverage is often required, as they know that multiple riders may be enjoying the vehicle, and those who could be inexperienced as well.

Comprehensive (Optional): This type of coverage will pay for damage that is not caused by an impact. It will also cover the loss of an ATV due to theft, flooding, earthquake, vandalism, or fire. Much like other forms of coverage, comprehensive options have a deductible. When you file a claim, your policy provider will pay up to the cash value to replace it, and you are responsible for the deductible amount.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover ATV Accidents?
In most cases, homeowners insurance will not cover your ATV or your ATV after an accident occurs and is damaged. Each vehicle will require its own insurance policy, but there is a chance your homeowners liability insurance may cover an ATV accident if you happen to be responsible for someone else’s property damage or injury. If an acquaintance was riding an ATV on your property and was seriously injured, your homeowners liability insurance would cover the damages that you could be sued for.

What is a Sensible ATV Insurance Choice?

Here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles, we partner with many different providers to give you a wide variety of choices for ATV insurance. One good choice for ATV insurance is Progressive. They offer savings with numerous discounts and even provide the option of a disappearing deductible. They also have perks such as OEM parts coverage that assures repairs will be made with original parts or the precisely needed after-market custom parts. You can also select add-ons to cover personal belongings, cover the cost of rentals, and the very useful benefit of 24/7 roadside assistance.