Small business insurance was once a concept that some companies thought was an excellent asset, yet not vital to their daily operations. So many are now realizing that business insurance is a must-have, and are making sure that they have the proper coverage in place to weather the various forms of fiscal storms that can occur. June 28 was National Insurance Awareness Day, which served as a reminder to small businesses to take a brief pause and ensure that they have appropriate coverage for the year ahead due to rising global uncertainty.

The events of the past year certainly shed light on the areas where some businesses came to realize that they did not have sufficient coverage. What once wasn’t a top-of-mind issue became a primary concern, as many entities were beginning to experience disastrous effects of not carrying sufficient coverage. Lately, we have seen a rise in businesses of all sizes experiencing everything from lawsuits, natural disasters, and unexpected interruptions that can all have huge impacts on an otherwise thriving business.

One of the benefits of easier digital access is just how simply and quickly you can secure a good amount of coverage. As so many different types of businesses have focused on doing business online, the risk of valuable data and technology being exposed grew exponentially within a matter of weeks. We can walk you through the various benefits of general liability and business interruption insurance, along with cyber insurance to assure that the growing threat of being hacked and having compromised data doesn’t leave you reeling.

One of the most positive and exciting things to come about during these difficult times is that planning for the future has become easier. Long gone are the days of lengthy forms and waiting for days to get the quote that works for you: we can assist you in finding the specific type of business coverage that works for you and devise a plan of action immediately!

A practice we pride ourselves on here at Alexander Insurance is always acting compassionately. When it comes to the bottom line, we will always understand that the entity you are seeking to protect and preserve is the one that you have spent countless hours building piece by piece.