Once you begin the exciting process of planning a vacation and looking at the various types of accommodations to choose from, you’ll find that vacation rentals, quaint bed and breakfasts, lavish hotels, and independent contractors such as Airbnb are all now on the scene for your selection. There are many good reasons to book a vacation rental, and just as you would look at many other traits, you and your fellow vacationers should counsel how significant it is to have appropriate insurance coverage when staying at a vacation rental.

We know that everyone loves to envision the excitement of jet skis on pounding waves, ideal dinners outside at night, and the best of what a vacation has to offer, but your personal belongings along with other items need to be considered when you embark on your routine trip of seasonal summer fun. You may have an existing policy that protects your home and your belongings, such as a renter’s insurance policy or a homeowner’s insurance policy. Personal property coverage and liability coverage are two of the predominant means of protection we can offer you here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles.

What are the Most Important Means of Coverage During my Stay?
Personal property coverage is in place to protect any property that is not physically attached to buildings or structures on the real estate you are enjoying your vacation in. The personal property that is entirely covered in your homeowners or renters’ policy will kick in and cover all the dire contents of your home or even apartment, such as a stove, refrigerator, and your personal belongings like books and clothing. These policies will actually also cover other personal property that you keep in other locations, such as a nearby storage facility, and may even cover items for a next of kin’s personal property away at school in a dorm room.

The Personal Liability portion of your homeowner’s or renters’ insurance policy protects you against unexpected lawsuits for things like injury on your property, and damage on said property that you and your family members can inadvertently cause to guests. Many times, things happen in a vacation rental when the family is not paying attention and you can cause damage at the drop of a hat with something like a hot skillet or leaking cooler. Everyone who goes on vacation is also excited to bring along their favorite furry friends, this kind of coverage also protects you against damage that your overexcited canines may incur.

Other Very Useful Types of Coverage for Seasonal Stays:
Other things to consider during a seasonal summer stay are whether the vacation rental you are temporarily inhabiting is protected by a homeowner’s insurance policy. It is best to always ask the owner what type of insurance they have as a policy for the vacation rental because you want to make sure that there’s liability coverage in place to protect you if any amount of things happen to you while you are enjoying your stay. It is best to make sure that the owner has procured proper coverage for the vacation rental just in case one of your party is injured on the property if the owner is negligent.

You can stumble, fall, slip, or trip on any part of the dwelling that may not be up to code or deteriorating, and their liability coverage would be needed to assure the person who was injured had their medical bills properly covered. We can assist you before you go on a vacation because we know that the next one you take may be extended! It has been amazing to see the world open up again and all of our customers enjoying the all-out freedom of taking extended trips: there is so much to see and do out there in the wide world! A few quick questions answered on our end here at Alexander Insurance will assure that you are in good shape for the trip, the packed bags are done with due diligence, and the flight plan is booked for pre-boarding and summertime excitement!