At Alexander Insurance Agency, we work with clients ranging from small or large businesses to clients needing personal insurance. A common question we hear is, “do I need commercial auto insurance?” This all depends on what you are using your vehicle for and many other determining factors. We thought we would cover some ordinary circumstances in which you would need a Commercial Auto policy. But as always, give our office in St. Charles, MO, a call for one on one guidance and a personal quote.

Any vehicle your company uses for business purposes will need commercial auto insurance. If your vehicle has a commercial license plate or is registered as a commercial, you will also need a commercial auto policy. Other circumstances include using your own car for a business purpose, such as delivering food or doing rideshare. If an accident were to happen while using your own vehicle for business, your personal car insurance would not likely cover you.

If any of the following apply to you, you may need Commercial Auto Insurance:

  • Do you transit materials or tools with your vehicle?
  • Are you towing vehicles?
  • Is your vehicle used for transporting people, such as limousine service or taxi service?
  • Are you delivering food or goods?
  • Is your vehicle used for freight transportation?

Why do you need a commercial auto policy?

Because a standard auto policy will not cover business vehicles, it is essential to get the right commercial auto policy that will. A commercial policy will ensure you and your business are protected and will cover the costs of property damage, injury, and liability claims. Policy coverage will vary depending on your business, so make sure you give one of our agents a call to get the specific policy you need.

How much does a commercial auto policy cost?

Many factors determine the cost of a commercial auto policy. Fortunately, our team at Alexander Insurance has the experience to find you the right coverage for the best rate. Here are a few things that factor into your insurance rate.

  • Driving record, including those of your employees
  • Driver age
  • Credit history
  • The number of vehicles and amount of coverage needed
  • The type of vehicle and what it will be used for

If you are still unsure if you need commercial auto insurance or what policy would be best for you, set up a free consultation so we can assist you further. You don’t have to figure this out on your own. Alexander Insurance is here to help you through the process. Call us today at (636)949-9525