The world of cars and trucks has some new and very groundbreaking developments planned for 2022, as Ford is going to officially introduce the F-150 Lightning, Chevy will pull the wraps off its all-electric Silverado, and Tesla will have their own cybertruck version grace the proverbial stage of the current market. Locating the ideal type of auto insurance, you can track down to protect you may not be as thrilling as driving back roads in a brand-new electric truck, but it can provide the utmost safety and protection.

Here are a few tips that will help you navigate the insurance ropes during 2022 and allow you to get the most out of your policy while resting assured that you are covered if anything unexpected happens on the road. 

Benefitting From The Pay-Per-Mile Option: Some are not driving as much now because they left jobs, and some are still enjoying the benefits and comfort of working from home while conditions last. Whichever suits you, you may want to try out an alternative car insurance pricing model that has its perks, such as pay-per-mile insurance. Here you are charged a base rate per month plus a per-mile rate, since your provider knows that you won’t be going much further. If the office calls you in to begin doing things their way once again, you can simply shop around with someone such as us here at Alexander Insurance for the policy that fits your needs best. 

The Ability to Save if you don’t Mind Prying eyes: The many elements that we will all see coming soon in the future will give private entities the power to see what you are always doing. If you are looking for a sizable car insurance discount, the opportunity to check out usage-based insurance could be beneficial. Through vast research during 2021 it was found that many drivers believe the top three factors to be scrutinized should be their previous driving record, how many miles they are clocking, and their overall level of safety. 

Usage-based insurance takes these attributes into account and uses a plug-in app to closely monitor your driving habits. If you score well, you could receive a sizable discount on your premiums, and every insurance company is now implementing this option. Programs such as this are bound to become more and more popular as real-time data remains king.

The Monumental Benefits of Teen Driver Monitoring Technology: Usage-based insurance may also be a great choice if a teen driver is part of the pack on your insurable list. You can see a very detailed report through the UBI program and if the results are favorable, you’ll enjoy a discount on rates that are currently very high for teen drivers. If your teen happens to not be using the best driving practices, you can at least take a close look and see where they could benefit from improvement. Technology that is currently available is at a mind-boggling level: you can keep a watchful eye on them and assure that every time they get on board they are adhering to important boundaries.    

Acquiring Adequate Coverage for Delivery Gigs: Whether it is one of the teen drivers we just mentioned or anyone else in the house using a car for a delivery gig, it is important to check with us to make sure you have obtained the correct and sufficient coverage. This is a business rather than personal use for the vehicle, and things get just a bit different legally if you do happen to get in an accident. Your insurance company may have the right to deny the claim, which leaves you stuck paying out-of-pocket for the necessary repairs and hospital costs. Finding ideal coverage for the now very popular side job of delivery can help you avert a potentially large problem if anything happens with “warm pie in your backseat on the clock”!

The Safety and Simplicity of Contactless Car Insurance Claims: Depending on how severe your claim is, you may be able to get through the entire process from the comfort of your home. A detailed photo of your car’s damage via text can get the ball rolling on an estimate for full repair, and then you can receive instant payment without waiting for any postal mail transfer time. It was not just the onset of the pandemic that made tasks like this so much easier, since the industry as a whole was already desperately in need of simple solutions and expedited options after any incident. 

Make sure to come and visit us here at the Alexander Insurance Agency of St Charles to see which car insurance options are best for you! There are many ways we can make sure you receive a sizable discount, and still enjoy the most premium protection and class-leading coverage you’ll find anywhere, with a longstanding promise and industry’s best level of satisfaction.