At Alexander Insurance Agency, we work with top providers to get you the best car insurance coverage at the best insurance rates. When it comes to auto coverage, it’s always recommended to speak with a professional to make sure you find the right policy for you. We can find you a great rate quote on a good auto policy. Our team will find you a quality plan that not only meets your needs but also saves you money. Below are five tips that may reduce your car insurance premium.

Compare Car Insurance Rates

It’s always a good idea to shop around before making a decision. Just like taking the time to find the perfect vehicle, don’t skimp over the fine details of an auto policy. At Alexander Insurance, we can compare rate APRs and find you excellent coverage. We help you by providing a comparison of coverage and pricing options to determine which policy would be best for you so we can get you a great auto insurance rate.

Pay in Full

Customers often overlook this one. There is no need to make a payment month after month with your credit cards sometimes barely making a dent in the loan payment. If you can, making a payment in full is one sure way to save money. By paying six months at a time, your premium could significantly go down. Although monthly payments are always an option, you may find paying in full over the life of the loan to be a smarter choice.

Enroll in Autopay

Never miss a payment and avoid late fees by enrolling in automatic payments. Some auto insurance companies will offer a discount point for setting up automatic payments coming directly from your bank account.

Safe Driving Discount

In general, most insurance agencies offer a discount just for being a safe driver in the car you drive. Some companies we work with will offer a discount if you are accident-free for one year. Having a good driving record will create a positive driver profile for you. Ask your agent how your driving record could potentially save you money!

Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance

If you own a home in Missouri or Illinois, you may qualify for significant benefits and discounts by combining your home loan and auto policies. Not only will you save, but you may also be eligible for additional perks like single deductibles.

There are always ways to save. Sometimes it takes a little digging to see what’s out there. Let our team at Alexander Insurance do the digging for you and find the best available insurance policy that is right for you and your family. As a family-owned business, we proudly serve families in Chesterfield, St.Charles, St. Louis, and surrounding counties. Give us a call today to find out what kind of savings are available! Call (636)949-9525 or contact us here.